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We strive to inspire the next generation of innovators with real life examples. We want to lead by example, showing youth strongly established leaders both in the professional field and in their own peers via our Silicon Valley Teen Tech Talks twice a year.

Julia Kang

Julia is a junior at Henry M. Gunn High School and is leading the new executive team for SVTTT and also runs this website. She has an interest in computer science and has been coding since 6th grade. In her free time, she also likes paint and draw.
Adelle Kang

Adelle is a student at Branham High School and is a part of the new executive team for SVTTT. As part of a start-up team, Noteblast, she love to code and play music.
Seoha Kim

Seoha is a 15 years old and a freshman at Carlmont High School. He likes to listen to music and play lacrosse. He is doing SVTTT because he likes to listen to music and learn coding and he was interested in the 9th summit "Coding with Music". He us posting the posters and organizing the SVTTT Linkedln account and editing the videos after the summit.
Our Founders

Justin, Juno, and Basil are all seniors at Gunn High School and cofounders of Silicon Valley Teen Tech Talk. They are all deeply invested in coding and hope to spread their joy among youth.

Justin Hou is a high school senior at Henry Gunn High School, Palo Alto, CA. He also has over four years of experience in coding in various languages (Python, Java, C++, JavaScript). He has used these skills and passions to develop various competition and hackathon-winning projects. His most successful project was his classroom productivity app, Lucidity. Justin founded and led his team in numerous entrepreneurship competitions, winning a Conrad Challenge Finalist and Diamond Challenge Semi-Finalist along the way. He also won first place in the California Science and Engineering Fair in Plant Biology in 2017. Aside from these pursuits and passions, Justin also loves learning more about astronomy and physics, podcasting on various social issues affecting his generation, playing water polo, and playing the guitar.

Juno has over four years of coding experience, and is also already creating impactful projects. He has successfully given back to the coding community and an antiprocrastination project. He aims to participate in more coding competitions with his friends, Basil and Justin.

Basil has over four years of programming experience. One of her goals is to show other young people the power of coding, and to inspire others to get into programming. She has won many awards with her skill in programming, like the first place category award at the State Science Fair and enjoys giving back to the community with her friends Juno and Justin. Basil hopes that SVTTT will inspire other young people to program.


Saswat Anand
Senior Software Engineer at Google

Teen Tech Talk initiative encourages Silicon valley teens to actively participate in technological innovations, which surround them. It provides a forum for kids to share their passion, work in tech-related projects, and connect with like-minded kids. Without a forum like this, even for kids who enjoy such activities it is easy to lose motivation and get drawn into other distractions of teen life (for which there exist a lot of forums and platforms).

Upcoming Events

Our 9th SVTTT Summit will be about Coding with Music. Two keynote speakers will passionately promote how these two topics combined can explore uncharted territory and create something new. Come join us on April 9th at 6pm PST!

Hunter Ewen
Keynote Speaker

Hunter Ewen is a creative technologist, composer, multimedia artist, and teacher deeply involved in the current AI Music industry.
Keynote Speaker

Noteblast is a group of high schoolers with shared interests and experiences in music and coding. Noteblast was created after observing the complete lack of music apps for conga and have since been working on an educational game that listens to the user's playing of the conga and gives instantaneous feedback.

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4/9/2023 @ 6pm PST

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